The Theme Of Madness In Dreaming In Cuban By Cristina Garcia

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At almost every stage in a person’s life, they are working towards something, and this is due to the fact that everyone has a plan. Nearly every person in the world has an conception of what they want their life to develop in to, and it is for this reason that they find motivation to do many of the things that they do. Society had trained it’s people that, if a person tries hard enough, they can form our lives into what they want them to be. In her novel, Dreaming in Cuban, Cristina Garcia writes about many individuals within the Cuban del Pino family making their way in the world; furthermore, Garcia uses the theme of madness to display the consequences of not having the ability to follow the life that a person has planned as well as issues of gender in relation to this theme. She presents this theme of mental illness at multiple points throughout the novel, particularly through the experiences of the characters of Celia del Pino, who suffers after she trades the life she wants for the life she is expected to have, Felicia del Pino, whose experiences with her husbands alter her life, and Javier del Pino, who…show more content…
Evidence from the text provided proof in insanity within the stories of Celia del Pino who altered her life plan for the sake of a family, Felicia del Pino who gets mistreated by and loses men that she loves, and lastly Javier del Pino who falls into depression after his wife takes the family he helped to create away from him, and these stories also connected the prevailing idea of madness to connected issues of, not only gender, but familial and societal expectations as well. It is because of these diverse stories and thought-provoking themes that Garcia brings together a challenging, fascinating, and ultimately entertaining novel through the different narratives written in the novel Dreaming in

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