The Theme Of Individuality In Anna Quindlen's Black And Blue

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Anna Quindlen’s novel, Black and Blue, is about a woman named Fran Benedetto. Fran leaves her husband Bobby and takes their son Robert to Florida to set up a new life. She was domestically beaten for a very long time before she finally gathers the courage to do so. The conclusion of the novel was powerful because it successfully created closure for the novel. Quindlen’s choice of Fran/Beth appropriately concludes the work in that it supports the theme of individuality.
In the beginning of the novel Fran was self-reliant: she attended nursing school and people said she was an enjoyable person. As with most abusive relationships, when Fran devoted herself to Bobby, her independence slowly started to drift away. Bobby slowly became abusive in the very beginning of their relationship, while Fran would just keep everything to herself. Quindlen writes, “He held me there so that I wouldn’t get away…he pushed back the sleeve of my blouse and kissed each mark…When I cried it was for his pain, not mine…” (5). The reader is able to gauge that the abuse that Bobby is initially showing Fran is j...
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