The Theme Of Immigration In The Handmaid's Tale

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In this article, film critic Jason Guerrasio discusses Children of Men’s underlying theme of immigration. He states that the film "makes a potent case against the anti-immigrant sentiment" that is relevant to what is occurring in modern societies such as the United Kingdom and the United States. Guerrasio describes the film as “a complex meditation on the politics of today,” particularly the controversial debate on immigration. This article from Filmmaker Magazine not only provides a critique of the film, but an interview with director Alfonso Cuaron as well. In this interview, Cuaron mentions that the premise of infertility and humanity could be a metaphor for “the fading sense of hope that I feel humanity has today.” Cuaron concludes the interview by expressing how his inspiration…show more content…
This analysis contains information on her from the time before and during Gilead and is abundant with information ranging from her past life affairs to her current views on the regime. The second part of the chapter, deals with repression and identity in Gilead. The authors claim that in order to suppress individuality and maintain the regime, Gilead rewrites history, asserts governmental control on all forms of media, and leaves only gossip as an independent source of knowledge. The final idea mentioned within this chapter is entitle “Resistance and Complicity” which focuses on Offred’s struggle to maintain her identity in a society where it is seen as a form of resistance. In relation to this topic, the authors describe the extreme power of Gilead by stating that it affects every thought and act of Offred’s existence and neutralizes resistance by transforming it into support for the system. Utopian Studies contains scholarly articles and is a published work by the Penn State University Press, considering these facts, I believe it is a reliable and trustworthy

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