The Theme Of Identity In The Bell Jar By Sylvia Plath

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Who am I? That is a question some individual has a hard time answering. Even as some emerge from the adolescent stage, they still find themselves battling with the real versus ideal self throughout life. Searching for one’s identity is a vital part of growing up. It is also crucial for defining one self and how others perceive him/her. Identity could be defined as, who a person believes he or she is by representing a synthesis and integration of self understanding. This entails the traits of the individuals that makes that individual authentic and unique. In the novel The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, the main character Esther Greenwood searches for an authentic identity in a world where society pressures females to conform to a particular role.…show more content…
Throughout that time period roles of women has been objectified to fit in a masculine society. Women were expected to be stay at home wives and mothers. Having children and a husband was the ideal life for women in the eyes of men in the time frame of this novel. Most of the novel is about the pressure and expectations that others have for Esther in regards to her future and the expectations Esther herself has for others. The bell jar is mostly populated with characters that are female stereotypes. Character such as Dodo Conway who is the pregnant women that is placid and content, flabby and misshapen, Doreen who possesses vulgarity and frivolity, Mrs. Willard who is a well refined, well mannered, also woman who lets her husband walk all over her. Jay CEE, a lady who follows her ambition but to society she doesn’t fit on the outside because she is more masculine. Mrs. Willard, a woman who represents society’s expectations. She life of a mother and a wife and believe, it is a woman duty to fulfill these roles. “What a man want’s is a mate and what a woman want’s is a infinite security” and “What a man is is an arrow into the future and what a woman is is the place the arrow shoots off from.” For all these women it is somewhat impossible for them to to assert their independence in this male dominated world and not be male dependent. These women crowds Esther’s mind and…show more content…
According the article Plath’s bell jar as Female Bildungsroman “the bell jar is the traditional bildungsroman, the character’s escape to a city images the opportunity to find self as well as truths about life.” In the beginning of the novel one could already sense the distant between Esther and herself, from there her journey began. She met Doreen and Betsy which are two characters she feels she needs to take on. (explain Doreen and Betsy personlaites). They both represented opposite roles in comparison to Esther. After trying to be these two, Esther starts to realize she cannot find any balance in her life, this is when she began to get confused about her identity and ended up losing track of herself in the

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