The Theme Of Friendship In 'Uglies' By Scott Westerfeld

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Lori Huzij
May 16 2014
Ms. Daoust
Theme Analysis: Uglies
In the book Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, the story focuses on the theme of friendship and how it is necessary for happiness. Tally Youngblood is the central character whose tricks become much more serious when her intense relationships get her into a series of problems. Westerfeld allows his audience to truly connect with his story by using various elements involving setting, symbolism, and character relationships. Westerfeld also makes a point about beauty and appearance, how they tie into friendship, and how they make people happy.
A writer for The New York Times, James Hynes, describes what dystopian literature is; “It mirrors the experience of venturing from the relative safety of childhood into the harsher realities of adult life. The story's psychological underpinning is the adolescent's shock at learning that some of what you're taught isn't true, your parents are flawed human beings and the world isn't constructed for your benefit.” This relates to the theme of friendship because the characters in the book turn to their friendships when everything else they have known seems to be a lie.
Setting is an important aspect that Westerfeld focus' on, using descriptive language to really paint of picture of the unusual world they live in, and the very significant differences between Ugly and New Pretty Towns. Uglies takes place in a society where everyone is obsessed with beauty, and until the character receives their operation to become a pretty, they are nothing. Westerfeld tries to make it apparent that it is important for the characters to bond and establish relationships with one another in order to keep sane in this unusual world that they live in....

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...David. “He still had the look in his eye, the pretty look. Maybe he really could see past her ugly face. Maybe what was inside her did matter to him more than anything else.” (279) By developing this relationship with David, it not only made Tally extremely happy; but she is able to understand the true meaning of what it is to be beautiful.
Overall Scott Westerfeld did an excellent job at creating a theme of friendship and how it is necessary for happiness in his book Uglies. Throughout the book the audience is able to see how the characters opinions and actions change based upon what friendships they had at the time. By using devices of setting and atmosphere, various elements of symbolism, building intense character relationships, and tying it all together with an inspiring message about beauty, Westerfeld allows his audience to truly connect with his story.

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