The Theme Of Female Agency In 'Orange Horses'

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Female agency is considered a wide spread problem throughout society in todays day and age. It is a communication issue where by the females voice, weather it be in a professional or personal enviroment, doesn 't get heard. This problem is primarily down to a lack of respect coming from the male population and the patriarchy factor. Manjima Bhattacharjya, who had written many publications on feminism says this; “The question of women’s agency has been a thorn in the side of feminism for as far back as I can remember. In early usage, it was a term used by economists to denote the “intellectual capacity of women to make intelligent, purposive (rational) decisions, under the standard constraints that face most decision-makers” (Manjima Bhattacharjya) This quote just reinforces that female agency and feminism has been around for a long time and was more magnified in the 20th century than it is now due to more awareness…show more content…
He has his pride.” (Maeve Kelly 334) Here Maeve Kelly is depicting to the reader how men are far superior to women, much like the theme patriarchy. Isn 't the Elise’s pride just as important as the husbands? To be beaten unconscious after just doing your husband the curtsy of cooking him meal seems extremely far fetched even if he was called Impolitely. Elise’s pride and respect for her self and from others around her will have plummeted due to this act of violence. This quote is also coming from a women, Mrs Martin, by her saying that she is insulting her own gender, which clearly shows a lack of appreciation for herself and for her fellow women. Although maybe it is because this theme of female agency has been around in the Irish culture for so long that it is now the traditional way of

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