The Theme Of Emotion In Horse Dealer's Daughter

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D.H. Lawrence’s writing’s in “Horse Dealer’s Daughter” shows the raw emotions of a young innocent woman who has just lost her father and mourns for her mother. Mabel is a very reserved and quiet girl who is not treated very well. After Mabel’s father dies he leaves behind an immense amount of debt. Mabel is being forced by her brothers to move away and start a new life. Not knowing where to go or what to do she begins to become depressed and misses the comfort of her deceased mother. Due to the lack of respect from her siblings, the fear of her future and the emptiness she feels without her mother, Mabel acts out of sheer emotion and attempts to commit suicide.
Mabel’s three older brothers constantly disrespect and irritate Mabel; essentially
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With all the recent events that have occurred in Mabel’s life she truly believes that this is the end for herself; “mindless and persistent, she seemed in a sort of ecstasy to be coming nearer to her fulfillment, her own glorification, approaching her dead mother, who was glorified” (Lawrence 705). Mabel walks down to the cemetery where her mother lays at rest because Mabel is feeling alone and wants that sense of security. Mabel’s depression causes her to believe that “the life she follow[s] here in the world was far less real than the world of death she inherited from her mother” (Lawrence 706). All of these dark thoughts and memories of a life with her mother running through Mabel’s head lead to her finally giving up on her life and walking into a dreary pond to try to drown herself and end her life.
Lawrence’s writing in “Horse Dealer’s Daughter” shows how depression can easily overcome an innocent girl. Mabel knows that with the constant disrespect from her brothers, the lack of certainty in her future, and the rest of her life without her mother, is a life Mabel does not want to live; so because of this Mabel attempts to end her
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