The Theme Of Drinking Coffee Elsewhere By ZZ Packer

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“Drinking Coffee Elsewhere” is an award winning short story in which the author ZZ Packer presents Brownie Scout Troop of young african-american girls from the south suburban of Atlanta scheming and plotting to confront a group of disabled white girls all because of an false accusation made by brownie girl Arnetta claiming that one of the white girls called Daphne a “nigger”. Come to find out later in the story the group of white girls are disabled. Although it’s clear to understand the difference in skin colors; planning to attack for redemption won’t be the answer you always want.. The author reveals the story through the narrator’s voice. The narrator’s name is Laurel but is known as “Snot”, since first grade that’s what she’s been called after sneezing in class and a girl nearby had been splattered by two long ropes of mucus (page 10). It is obvious that the narrator is more of an observer in the novel. She tends to stand apart from the other girls and she is very quiet and studious. Snot is disliked by the other girls for her thoughtfulness and common sense. She is the only one…show more content…
The story is about racism experienced by young girls but with a twist. The first fact that the author shows us is that the brownie troops at camp seem to be either an all-black or all-white, no mixed race troops. The black girls in the story were being raised in a racially segregated environment. “When you lived in the south suburbs of Atlanta, it was easy to forget about Whites. Whites were like those baby pigeons: rean and existing, but rarely seen or thought about” (page 5). Because they have so little contact with whites, the black girls seem to be extremely cautious about the differences between themselves. In the extent of racial segregation, although there were no doubts about if Brownie Troop 909 did make the racial slur or not, it is no surprise that the confrontation is full of misunderstandings between the two
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