The Textile Revolution: The Positive Effects Of The Industrial Revolution

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In England, the textile industry underwent the most drastic changes as a result of the Industrial Revolution. John Aikin, an English writer, wrote that, “No exertions of the masters or workmen could have answered the demands of trade without the introduction of spinning machines.” The increase in resources due to the agricultural revolution produced a massive demand for goods from factories. This new demand was too massive to be fulfilled by simple factories that were underdeveloped and solely relied on manufacturing material by hand. In order to meet these new requirements, textile inventions were created to help workers process more goods at a faster rate. Without key creative inventions, like the spinning machines, factories would not have…show more content…
Therefore, inventions put an end to small business workers who processed everything by hand. Workers in smaller settings that did work manually could not keep up with the swift processing power of power looms and spinning machines. These workers formed the Luddites, who protested new machinery in factories due to their fear that they would lose their jobs. This generated anxiety when Luddites violently threatened to burn down factories. The threat of the Luddites violently burning down business owners factories provoked stress and massive tension between the two groups. Textile developments reduced manual labor and met the new demands with the addition of power looms and spinning machines, but created animosity between factory owners and the…show more content…
In order to build the tracks, massive areas of land had to be destroyed to put in tracks. Areas had to be cleared and dug up, which created an ugly sight for most observers. The construction of railroads caused pollution when metal parts and machines were left strewn over the European landscape. Therefore, the train is a perfect example of the innovations of the Industrial Revolution that had a beneficial impact as well as consequences. These inventions by themselves had an impact of their own, but also, together, inspired ingenuity among society. The creation of new inventions inspired members of society to constantly try to improve the efficiency of machines. John Aikin was an English writer who observed and recorded the changes that occurred due to the Industrial Revolution. John Aikin wrote
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