The Terrorists Attack on the World Trade Centre in New York

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The terrorists attack on the World Trade Centre in New York on September 9, 2001 which changes the western concept about Islam and Muslims. Moreover, Islamic concept “Jihad” is criticized and it is questioned among Non-Muslims. 9/11 attack not only effects non-Muslims but also the Muslims who have no connections with the terrorist groups. As well as they do not support these terrorism. These Muslims face the hatred of the non-western people. They feel guilty about the Sin, they neither commit nor support. After 9/11, The Muslims all over the world called as terrorist and Islam is considered as religion which provokes terror. Although, the Muslim terrorists attempted these attacks on the name of Jihad, Islam does not encourage terrorism and all Muslims should not be identified as the terrorist.
What is Jihad? A holy war? War on Terror? The critics said that Islam provokes violence on basis of Jihad (holy war). Jihad is an Arabic word which is originated from the word Juhd. Juhd means “to struggle” or “to work hard”. In the Islamic point of view, Jihad is a battle which should be done under the worst circumstances. Furthermore, it does not include the killing of the women and the innocent children. It is the battle between the men face to face. Likewise, the military war in which army fight face to face by using weapons. It does not include suicidal attacks. In the Islam, Suicide is considered as Haram (forbidden). In the book Islam, the Quranic verse is quoted which states: “And do not kill yourselves; for God has been merciful to you.” (4.29)”. (Hassaballa, 127)
Therefore, Muslim are not preach to commit suicide as it is stated in the holy book Quran. How come they commit suicidal attacks and considered as the holy...

... middle of paper ... These groups are threat to the humanity. It is our duty as a human beings to united together and stop these violent actions rather than criticizing each other religious identities.

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