The Terrible Thing About Terrorism: The Symbols Of Terrorism

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The famous English author, Terry Waite, once said, “The terrible thing about terrorism is that it ultimately destroys those who practice it. Slowly but surely, as they try to extinguish life in others, the life within them dies too.” Stated in the quote, terrorism is a terrible thing. It stems from hate and drives this emotion. Terrorism is a symbol of why hate is controlling the world today. Due to the terrible attacks of 9/11, the Boston Marathon Bombings, and the London Bridge attacks, hate is clearly the stronger emotion, not just in the United States, but around the world as well.
Terrorism is something that shows massive amounts of hate. An example of terrorism from history is the Attacks of 9/11. These attacks were caused by 19 terrorists
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As the two bombs exploded, they left hundreds of people dead or severely wounded. Spectators and finishers of the marathon were injured as debris from the explosions was flung through the air ("Boston Marathon"). The two bombs were hand-made, created out of pressure cookers that contained nails, BB pellets, and other small sharp objects like broken glass. Before the attacks were carried out, the terrorists needed a backup weapon, incase their plan backfired. They entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and hijacked a police officer, leaving him dead and abandoning his gun after not being able to remove it from the holster. Causing so many deaths to innocent people is a terrible thing and shows how some hate others for no reason. The terrorists are almost controlled by this hate, not realizing what they are doing hurts many more people than just the victims. They are hurting the families: wives and husbands, and practically the whole nation. The hate is spread from the terrorist to the whole country, realizing what they had done makes the people angry and filled with rage. As the terrorists made their get-away in a van, police started off to find them. Police blocked major roadways and streets to try and corner them. Eventually the police stopped the van and the two brothers got out and started firing shots, with the police firing back. Both attackers were wounded by police bullets. One brother got overtaken by the police while the other jumped back into the van, ran over his brother, and drove away. A day later, the police found the missing brother hiding in a citizen’s boat. Wounded, he surrendered and the police took him to a high security prison while receiving medical attention. A few months later, his requested trial date was around October of 2015 but in January of 2014, a U.S. attorney sought the death penalty for the actions of his case ("Boston Marathon"). Hate was evidently

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