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RITTMAN DISTRICT — Rittman police officer Howard McComas has witnessed firsthand the harmful effects of illegal drug use. On several occasions he has administered a drug to counteract heroin overdoses.
McComas probably saved lives when he gave naloxone to people who overdosed, but he is also hoping to save the lives of the city’s youngsters through his efforts as the DARE instructor in an effort to keep them from taking illegal drugs and other destructive behaviors.
More than a decade ago, the DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program was criticized for not being an effective way to deal with rising illegal drug use among teens, but changes made to the program a number of years ago broadened its scope and its results.
At Rittman Elementary
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Love talked about learning about how there are 75,000 alcohol-related deaths annually and most teens don’t like to drink alcohol. Because their bodies are still forming, alcohol affects them more.
Kennel urged her fellow students, along with parents who gathered in the gym for the ceremony, not to believe the myth that doing drugs “one time will not kill me” because drugs and alcohol are addicting.
Bullying was another topic Kennel addressed, saying students need to learn the difference between reporting bullying and tattling on others. Reporting is talking to a teacher or trusted adult about a serious situation, like bullying, while tattling is telling on others who are doing something harmless just to get them in trouble.
When Tyler read her essay, the topics included making safe and responsible choices and bullying. She told her fellow students they should not be bystanders and watch others get bullied. Rather, they should stick up for those getting bullied and tell a trusted adult. “Don’t let a bully control you,” she
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She talked about the difference between medicines, which are good drugs, and illegal drugs. She talked about the harmful effects of drug and alcohol abuse, which included memory loss, poor reflexes and impaired judgment. She talked about tobacco and the addictive properties of nicotine. When friends are trying to lure others into drinking, doing drugs or using tobacco, “Avoid the situation,” she said.
“There is strength in numbers,” Emily Berkihiser said. “Hang out with those who are not users. ... Walk away. Say, ‘No.’ Change the subject. Ask them if they want to play a video game.”
Brett and Kelly Berkihiser were proud of their daughter’s essay, and it was a surprise to both of them. She would not let them see it ahead of time. When they asked her if she wanted to practice reading it in front of them, she declined the offer.
Mayor Bill Robertson also talked to the students during the presentation and let them know police officers are their friends.
“My feeling is drug education is our best tool in fighting future use and abuse,” he said following the ceremony. “How early do you do it? Is fifth grade early

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