The Term Effects Of Superheroes As Role Model?

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My college career began in 2002, as a history major with the intention of becoming a high school teacher. Along the way I realized I had no passion for that career or how dry the subject can be at a serious academic level. During my time at Georgia State University I took the required Psychology 101 class, and became fascinated with the subject. When I returned to college to finish my bachelor’s degree, in 2014, I changed my major to Psychology and have found it a much more rewarding subject. I should address my first attempt at college, specifically the year I spent at GSU. My academic performance was abysmal, and my overall GPA still somewhat reflects it. I worked very hard to graduate from high school a year early. This was probably a…show more content…
My senior thesis, “Childhood Superhero Comic Book Reading and Adult Altruism,” began an exploration of this subject. The hypothesis is that reading superhero comic books during childhood makes the readers more likely to hold prosocial values and engage in altruistic behaviors as adults. Existing literature on the effects of superheroes as role models suggests their beneficial short-term effects on personality, resilience, and behavior in children. In addition to the effects of comic book reading on childhood personality and values development, my project seeks to determine if the short-term effects of superhero modeling seen in experiments with children apply to adult readers as well. (This project is ongoing, and I do not yet have results I can…show more content…
(I have been accused in several of my classes of over-researching my papers; this is probably true in relation to assignment requirements, but research is most of the fun of writing papers.) In addition to academic research, I frequently become involved in research and/or training projects in the various jobs I’ve held over the years. I’ve written technical support documentation, training manuals, and conducted training

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