The Tensions of the Cold War

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The Tensions of the Cold War

When World War II finally ended, two countries, the Soviet Union and

America, emerged as super powers. The previous super powers (France &

England) were more or less destroyed from the war. While the

countries where the war did not take place, the Soviet Union and

America, their economy was hence boosted noticeably. Right after

World War II however, numerous events led the two super powers into a

conflict. The Cold War was an era in which the Soviet Union and

America clashed with one another in order to spread what they believed

was the ideal method of regime. Through out the 50’s and 70’s, the

Soviet Union, believed that communism was the truly the best approach

of governing people in a nation. However, from events such as the

Manifest Destiny, it was easily fathomed that America considered

democracy the key to a successful country. So, both nations created a

type of colony in various countries across the world in order to

prevent the spread of the other method of government. Zaire was one

of the many countries that America had their palms on.

In May 1960, Zaire had its first election and a man named Patrice

Lumumba was elected prime minister. However, a province, Katanga,

seceded from the country, with the help of Belgium's backing. Lumumba

turned to the Soviet Union, the enemy of his country's former colonial

masters, for assistance. This was a fatal mistake, for it provided

America’s President, Dwight Eisenhower, an excuse to move against

Lumumba. Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba was viewed as a communist

since he was now allied to the Soviet Union. Thus, this made him a

Cold War opponent. America had to act quickly so that it could

prevent Zaire from becoming a communist country. The CIA recruited

Mobutu Sese Seko, (Lumumba’s private secretary and later the chief of

staff of the army), to displace and then replace the prime minister.

To replace the prime minister, the CIA simply planned to kill