The Ten Commandments Of Computer Ethics In The Media

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Computer ethics like in newspapers or TV news are important to regulate the behavior of how people use these media to communicate with people or the public in general. For instance, Neher and Sandin (2007) said that “The Computer Ethics Institute, a Project of the Brookings Institution, established such a code of ethics that apply to communication technology. Being called the Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics” (p. 300). In my opinion, all the commandments have a significant importance, but for me, three of them stand out from the rest.
First, we have “Thou shalt not use a computer to harm other people” (Neher and Sandin. 2007, p. 301). We can see in this sentence the words computer and harm. The importance of these words has a significant
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301). I consider that this code enforced the importance of how people use the information to others, intellectually speaking. For instance, the moral obligation that students have is critical in their education. We always hear and see that educational institutes have strict codes of ethics regarding on how students use others people ideas or work. The word plagiarism has become a symbol for many students, and it is usually relating to unethical behaviors that a student can demonstrate. For instance, Excelsior College has a policy that established what a student should not do such as “Copy words, phrases, sentences, assignments, exams, graphics, or images from a message posted in an Excelsior College electronic course, chat, or discussion area and make this information available outside the electronic environment in which it appeared without the author’s written permission” (Excelsior College, 2016). Along with this policy, Excelsior College has a list of disciplinary actions in the event of a student commit this unethical conduct. One of this disciplinary actions is “Bar the student from enrolling in the College or registering for a course or examination” (Electronic Use Policy, 2016). Individuals (professionals) and organization have a really hard time to build their ideas or education, so it is extremely important that institutes and organization promote a good

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