The Ten Commandments Movie vs The Book of Exodus

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The Ten Commandments is a movie about the book of Exodus and Moses. The movie began at the first order to kill all Hebrews under the age of two. Here Moses is cast off into the Nile and the story begins. It ends with the end of Moses’s life and Joshua taking over. The movie, for the most part, stayed true to the book of Exodus, but some detail and major plotline were different. The movie was good, but the added love story and power struggle made the movie a little off topic. The story itself, Moses being adopted, raised, sent away, and then came back and freed the people is the same, so Exodus is followed in a general way. Some detail is not, like some of the plagues are different (Plague seven was just hail, not hail on fire), and some characters are not existent in the Bible, but appear in the movie. The movie was very good and is one of the best Moses and Passover movies of all time. The only flaw was the details that the movie lacked or were incorrect.
The movie was very similar to the book of Exodus. Although some details are different, the plot does stay true to Moses’s life. The first part of the movie is true with Exodus, with Pharoah killing all the first-born Israelite children and with Moses’s mother sending Moses away in a basket down the Nile. He is raised as a prince of Egypt, with some differences, and kills an Egyptian. It may have been over dramatic but, Moses did kill the Egyptian. He left to Midian and saved some female shepherds from some men and was able to marry one of them. He married the oldest and settled down on a farm. These major plot lines were correct in the movie, and some detail is similar. In the second half of the movie, Moses returns. Aaron does act as his partner and they talk ...

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...only parts that took away from the message were the Datham and Nefreteri stories. These just added drama to the story and didn’t show the power of God to its fullest extent.
The movie itself was a great movie. It followed the storyline of Exodus and it felt like it stayed true to the book. After a closer look at Exodus, you see that there was some added plot lines to the movie and some detail is inadequate. The stories of Datham and Nefreteri do take away some meaning. These don’t help the cause to show the strong power of God. The movie itself is one of the best Moses movies of all time and I love watching it when it is on during Easter time. The movie does show the story of Moses in color and in a good way, which can put a good image for Exodus in your head. Now, when reading Exodus, I can see the movie being played out, helping me understand it.
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