The Tempest by William Shakespeare

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On Wednesday April 24th I attended the University of Southern Mississippi’s production of The Tempest, written by William Shakespeare in 1610. Shakespeare’s The Tempest syndicates a mixture of comic and tragic styles, integrating components of both romance and realism in a way which varies significantly from the style and mode of his earlier plays. However, in the end of The Tempest all the obstacles are overcome and an air of comedic relief precedes the finale. This play can be categorized as an Elizabethan Romantic comedy with hints of adventure and magic. It was very clear what the director’s visual intent was, not only was the stage mystical but it was easily transformed from one act to the next and back. The textual content of this play were significant to the director and I clearly observed the importance of the words through the actors’ performance. To achieve this, the director made certain that the actors performed inward to pointing the edge of the stage and spoke out to the audience. Since it was a smaller theater space and the audience was in close proximity to the stage ...
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