The Tempest Women Analysis

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In the 1600s, married women were expected to do anything for their husbands. Husbands were urged to be good heads of their families and to treat their wives with kindness and consideration. The woman were considered to be the 'weaker vessel ' and thought to be spiritually weaker than men and in need of masculine guidance. During this time, women were treated as inferior being who were meant to look after the house and were to children . Women were treated with little dignity. In “The Tempest,” William Shakespeare was able to show the oppression of women throughout the play. Scenes with Prospero and Miranda have shown significant hidden evidence to prove that the colonial era was a time of female oppression. Shakespeare uses Prospero as an…show more content…
Prospero manifested to have been a caring father, and that he has taken full responsibility for her, as a proper father ought to do. On the other hand, Prospero has apparently been cautious with giving Miranda information about her past. In response to Miranda’s concerns of herself, Prospero answers; “Stay, not yet” (14, Act 1, Scene 2). “Obey, and be attentive” (15, Act 1, Scene 2), he exclaims to her in the same scene. In The Tempest, Miranda can be interpreted as a living representation of female morality. Miranda is typically viewed as completely embodying the patriarchal order of things, thinking of herself as dependent to her father. The traits that create Miranda 's femininity are the same traits that oppress her: her innocence and vulnerability are seen as the things that allow her to be manipulated by her father. Prospero 's use of Miranda as a gadget in his political revenge is expressive of the play 's sexist attitude towards women. Prospero is, to some extent, in control over her sexuality and her thoughts; According to Linley "Patriarchy 's dominance explains why so many men had such low opinions of women, treating them unsympathetically and as sex objects. " Prospero was portrayed as a patriarchal father who cared about his daughter, but he wasn 't ashamed to use her as marriage bait to get what he
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