The Telecom Industry In Uganda

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ELEN 90068: BUSINESS OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS ESSAY ASSIGNMENT TABLE OF CONTENTS TOPIC Page Number Introduction 3 Case Study 4-5 Challenges 6-7 Opportunities 7-8 Summary 8 References 9 1.0 Introduction Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa sharing its borders with Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. Even though the poverty levels remain to be an important issue the Telecom sector of Uganda continues to enhance and forms a vital part of Ugandan economy. Uganda’s telecom sector is one of the fastest growing nations in Africa which mainly occurred due to the introduction of mobile telephony. The telecom sector of Uganda is presently considered overcrowded due to the presence of eight telecom operators providing their services in the region. Uganda has a population of around 36.35 million (2012 estimate) of which 16.35 (2012 estimate) are mobile phone subscribers as per World Bank’s data. Uganda Telecom and MTN Uganda are the leaders in terms of mobile phone subscribers. With MTN Uganda commanding a subscriber base of 9.5 million (as of 2014) in mobile phone users the Telco is rolling out more attractive and lucrative bundle offers in order to retain or sustain its subscriber base. Even though the penetration rate of Uganda is 1.7% which is not as high as compared to other countries but with the prospect of 4G LTE network looming, the future holds good for the Telecom sector in general. 2.0 C... ... middle of paper ... ... Orange Uganda Limited also entering the 4G LTE domain, the Telecom sector of Uganda is surely going to peak new heights in terms of revenue and customer satisfaction. MTN Uganda continues to lead the market with its consumer base as compared to other operators in the region. Even speaking on accessibility issues the Telco has far better coverage and network presence in the region in comparison to other Telco’s. In spite of some challenges that are present in front of the Telco, it is likely that the future of MTN Uganda and in particular 4G LTE network will find place in people’s heart. The country is still tackling on several fronts which somehow do not deter the future prospects of the Telecom sector in general and thereby Telco’s can successfully launch their new services for the region and ultimately contribute to economic growth. 6.0 References 

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