The Techniques of Advertising

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The Techniques of Advertising

Advertisings are created to make us buy things. All the companies want to sell their products, because they want to make profit. When a company knows that a product that it manufactures is not very good they do not share that with their customers. On the contrary, they make a very impressive advertising for the product, because all they want is to sell it. Everyone knows that advertising a product is not really done because the product is just wonderful and everyone should know about it. Companies sure do care about their customers and they want these customers to come back and buy more. They care about that because they want to make profit, not because they want their customers’ hair to be dandruff free, nor because they want their customers to be slim, nor because they want their customers to smell good. They do it for the profit. You know it. They know it. Everyone knows it. The best way to sell a product is to advertise it and let everyone know how wonderful this product is and how much better your life will be if you use it. A type of techniques that advertisers use is making us believe that their product is just what we have always wanted, another type is using our fears or weaknesses and another one is using famous people and role models that tell us what they use in order to be so popular and good-looking.

How do advertisers know what I want? A Burger King commercial says:”…chicken, just how you like it”. There is no way that everyone likes their chicken the same way. If one million people are watching this commercial there is no way that this is exactly how everyone likes his chicken. The advertisement says it though, and if you do not pay attention and you do not dig under the surface ...

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...rd of before, no matter whether it is the greatest or the worst thing in stores. People have their fears and their weaknesses. No one is perfect. That is why it is so easy to play with people’s minds and intentionally make them think about products and make them want to have and use these products. Advertising has been around for a long time and people that create commercials know a lot about those fears and weaknesses and even desire and dreams that the regular people have. So they use them in order to be profitable and in order to sell their products. Every business is really competitive in current times so the company that manages to attract more customers will be the most profitable and most successful. That is why these companies have to use all the possible methods and all the techniques that they can think of. The more creative and unique they are the better.
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