The Teacher Will At The Door

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• The teacher will greet the students at the door. • The teacher will say, “Remember yesterday when you completed a pre-assessment where you had to read a story and then try to find the theme?” • The teacher will say, “Well today we are going to really unpack the meaning of theme, how it works in a story, what it is, and exactly why it is important.” • The teacher will say, “So, to start off today we are going to be listening to a rap about theme as well as other story elements to introduce what we will be doing today and for the rest of the week!” • The teacher will say, “What I want you to do is listen to this rap and then on a piece of paper write down at least 2 interesting things that you heard.” • The teacher will give students the lyrics to the song to follow along with. • The teacher will then play this rap at • After the rap has finished the teacher will say, “Can anyone tell me what some of the things this rap talked about, why I would show you this, or why this may be important?” • The teacher will then ask, “What were a few things you wrote down that you thought were interesting in this rap and why did you find it to be interesting?” • The teacher will then take a few students responses to create a mini discussion to engage them into the lesson. • The teacher will say, “This rap talked about the different elements of a story such as conflict, plot, setting, character, and theme. But, for this unit we are going to really zero in on theme.” Transition statement: The teacher will say, “Now that we have been better introduced to some of the story elements like theme, character, and setting we are going to unpack what theme is to, why it is important, how to find it in a text, and ho... ... middle of paper ... ...are able to engage orally in in discourse about what the theme of the story is and why. 3. CLOSURE Allotted Time:5 minutes_ • The teacher will say, “Your ticket out of my class today is going to be filling out today’s exit slip. You will define in your own words what theme is, and describe how to find the theme of a text.” • The teacher will say, “I want you to take everything we learned today to define what theme is. I will collect them and check them to make sure everyone has a clear understanding of what theme means because tomorrow we are going to be discovering the things that effect theme, like characters and setting.” • The students will then complete the exit slip and the teacher will collect them. ASSESSMENT: • Formative: I will formatively assess students through an exit slip, where they will define what theme is and explain how to find it in a text.

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