The Tale of the Greatest Warrior

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the tale of the greatest warrior the peacefull island of Cyprus was ruled by a good harted king. He was called ´Cratos the good hearth´. But this al chanced when his oldest son died in battle. The king got a bitter hart and somehow blamed the people of his son´s death. He was gone crazy, he raised al the taxes, he killed innocent people, he chanced the god that represent the city. He chanced it to Hades the god of the underworld. But little did the people care who lived outside the city. Like our hero ´ Cypros´ wich means the father of Cyprus. On a cold winter day live was given to cyprons. He was not a normal child he always was ahead of his age. Because he was blessed with the blessing of the greatest god of them al named Zeus. Zeus blessed this child to save Cyprus from the evil king. Cypros became 16 years old. But the king was aware of this child. On a dark day in the midseason the king made evil plans to take Cypros on his side. He payed them a visit and being visited by this cruel king is always going to end bloody. So before his eyes his mother his brother and eventually his...
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