The Tale of Two Cities: A War Fueled by Injustie

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The tale of two cities is a novel about love, redemption, and sacrifice- but above all it is historical. At the forefront of the book is the French Revolution (there would be no book without it), but the French Revolution also began for its own set of reasons. Because of the lavish wastefulness of the aristocracy, the blatant disregard for the peasants, and the innumerable differences between the rich and impoverished, the French Revolution burst into the scene with the wrath and fury of the poor.

The aristocracy had no qualms about spending whatever funds they could get their hands on, even if it was money they didn’t have. One Monsieur required “four men ablaze with gorgeous decoration” (Dickens 105) to serve him a ladleful of chocolate. It then follows to say the man would have died of just two servants feeding him. As this man and his richly attired servants are fretting about the transport of melted chocolate, people in the streets of France are dying of starvation. This man’s lounging around and being spooned sweets is the apogee of both slothfulness and gluttony, which tie i...

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