The Tale of Kalimdor

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The Tale of Kalimdor Many years ago, during the time of gods and goddesses. There was a normal soldier of the gods who through hard work and determination became a god, and a powerful one at that. This is his story, the story of Kalimdor. There was once a blacksmith named Daneth Trolbane. But there was something special about this blacksmith, not only was he the best blacksmith but he was a blacksmith for the mighty gods of Mount Olympus! One warm day in June Daneth had a son, who was named Kalimdor Trolbane. Daneth loved and cherished his son with all his heart he was even willing to give his live so that his son could live, just as any other parent would. Daneth’s greatest dream for his son was that one day his son would be able to join the ranks of the gods. When Kalimdor could finally hold a sword on his own, Daneth began to train and sculpt his son into the man he had always dreamt him to be. As time went on and Kalimdor grew strong and wise. A few months before Kalimdor’s eighteenth birth day Daneth decided that it was time that his son finally gained equipment that was fit for the gods! With his goal of give his son such equipment of such prestige, Daneth went to the gods in search of their approval. The gods approved of Daneth’s request and sent him on his way. Daneth crafted Kalimdor’s shield first. He smelted the great shield in fel fire which was so hot that even Prometheus himself would have to handle with great care so that he would not burn himself. But if was not the fire that gave the shield its great power it was the adamant steel. Adamant steel was said to have such great powers that not even the gods could completely control! Thus making it the perfect material for a shield. Daneth nam... ... middle of paper ... ...gods were amazed. Kalimdor told them what happened on the battle field and the gods were so grateful and astounded, that not only did they let Kalimdor keep “the Reapers Slayer” but they also had him join the same ranks of them. The rank of the gods. Now that Kalimdor was a god he was given his new powers which were his ability to heal people with light. Kalimdor was also given another power; he was given the ability to resurrect people who had died for unjust reasons. With his new powers Kalimdor ran to his father’s resting place and brought his father back to life. From that day forth Kalimdor continued to heal those who were in true need, defend those who needed defending, and granting miracles of life whenever it was needed. As for Kalimdor’s father he spent the rest of his days knowing that his dream had come true. His son had finally become a god.

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