The Syrian Civil War and Debacle

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The Syrian civil war began in 2011 and has continued to tear the country apart ever since. It started out as a popular uprising against the regime of Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad. The peaceful protests of the rebel forces were answered with a brutal response from the government. This caused a violent reaction and sent the country of Syria into a full on civil war. The problem is the constant fighting between Assad’s forces and the rebel forces. The cause is President Bashar al-Assad has power of Syria and the solution is to find a peaceful resolution and end the civil war.
The problem in Syria is that President Bashar al-Assad wants to stay in power, as you will discover, he will do anything to stay as president. Also, there is no representation for the people of Syria since it is a one-party system that keeps Assad in power. There are no other parties for people to vote for to voice their opinions and get decent representation in the government. There is only the Baath Party which is what Assad is part of in Syria. The people have no voice in Syria, it is whatever the President decides and that is the only option for them.
Another problem in Syria is the anger of unemployment. The unemployment rate in Syria was 18% in 2012 (“”). This is due from the rapid population growth. Fewer jobs are available because of the larger population. With the population growing at a fast rate, businesses have fewer jobs to offer the people of Syria.
A major problem in Syria is that the U.S. did not support the initial rebels. Since the U.S. didn’t get involved with the rebels, it allowed al Qaeda to support them and they are now associated with al Qaeda forces who supply the rebels with weapons and other things. The only benef...

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