The Syrian Civil War Analysis

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Syria is a country that is currently going through an uprising. The Bashar al-Assad regime and Ba’ath government are imparting a strong front while being shattered from multiple opposition groups; and terrorist organizations in country and high-ranking officials from around the world. Their economy, population, and relations with nations around the world is being affected by the everyday events occurring in their country.

Syria has gone through many adversities as a country and to this day struggles with the habitual effects of the Syrian civil war. The Syrian civil war began on March 15th, 2011, between forces who are loyal to the Ba’ath government and those who want to overthrow them. Multiple organizations are working together to defeat the Bashar al-Assad regime, some of these groups are the Free Syrian Army, Al-Nusra Front, and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

The Free Syrian Army (FSA) is an opposition force that has been operating since the beginning of the Syrian civil war. The FSA uses guerilla style tactics that defend civilian protesters, cause attrition in the government security forces, to degrade morale, and destabilize Damascus. (7) The FSA has conducted multiple mounted attacks. These attacks are mainly focused on destroying any lines of communication or government assets, such as, destroying telecommunications towers, attacking logistics vehicles, posts information on Syrian social media sites about blocking roads, cutting coaxial communications cables servicing airfields, mounted attacks on security service command centers, attacking railways and pipelines, and sabotaging government vehicles by sugaring fuel tanks. (8) Additionally, the FSA has been known to conduct hit and run attacks while a...

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...’a law being enforced throughout every governorate and district. Due to the current state of instability and destruction, Syria will take years to recuperate from the civil war and have a united country. Even after the Syrian civil war concludes, Syria is surrounded by Sunni Muslim controlled countries who believe their traditions are the only way Islamic personnel must live.

The internal struggle may eventually be resolved in Syria, but the way other countries view them could source issues in the future. Lebanon, Iran, Turkey, and Israel have been known opponents of the current regime in Syria. The Syrian government has bombed Lebanon and with accepting the help of the Hezbollah, Israel has put Syria on high-radar. In years to come, Syria will be picking up the pieces of their country while possibly going to war with countries and other regimes in the area.
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