The Symbols Of Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil has been a part of society for centuries and will continue to flourish in the African American community. Coconut oil is known for penetrating the hair shafts, preventing the hair from shrinkage/swelling, and most importantly preventing the hair from becoming damaged. Today, there has been an outbreak of African American women accepting their natural roots and ending the cycle of getting a relaxer every other month. Coconut oil has found itself in many different hair companies because of its great qualities; As I Am, Dark and Lovely, Shea Moisture, and even Suave. Coconut oil has become a prominent symbol in the black community to embrace their natural hair, create small businesses, and feel great by going against societies beauty standards.…show more content…
The properties inside of coconut oil have been proven to enhance appearance and strengthen the roots of the hair. In many hair mask, coconut oil is used. The natural hair movement starts and ends with one essential item. Many black women suffer from having either extremely high or low hair porosity. Porosity is how well your hair can hold and retain moisture. Coconut oil especially stands out because it acts as both a moisturizer and acts as hair sealant. Coconut oil’s ability to prevent protein loss and reduce hair porosity makes it a valuable oil for those who straighten their hair constantly or permanently those who color their hair. The natural hair movement has greatly shown benefits of switching from harsh chemical treatments to coconut oil. Coconut oil also reduces split ends, thinning and dandruff, which are things that black people are heavily discriminated against

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