The Sustainability Of Organizations: Article Analysis

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The article speaks about the sustainability of organizations in relationship with knowledge, Knowledge processing, learning and adaptation. Social sustainability is defined on the basis of two theories: adaptivity based and capital based. First theory is related to adapting to the environment with basic identity and second theory is to interact with the environment without affecting the levels of available vital capital. Human beings play an important role in attaining sustainability and they are regarded as the main actors in the organisation hence forming a multi actor system (MAS). The article is mainly focused on sustainability based on its adaptability and learning. The first part of the article explains the relationship between knowledge…show more content…
It speaks that learning can be seen as a change. There are three kinds of change: First perspective is that the individual may display an acceleration of behaviour and thinking. Second is the quantitative expansion and third is qualitative expansion. The adaptability based theory of sustainability is related to the maintenance of the systems with their environment, the identity of organisation should be kept intact while adapting to change. In order to attain sustainability, systems should enhance their people’s ability to adapt and should follow a consistent pattern along with the transparency. Knowledge management can be effectively done with the help of measurement and reporting tools like balance score…show more content…
Organizations and industries around the world are beginning to recognize the value of demonstrating transparency and accountability beyond the traditional domain of financial performance. Sustainability can also be explained as an impact of the vital capital. According to theory of capital based theory of sustainability, capital is anything that yields a flow of beneficial goods or services into future. McElroy formulated an equation for calculating social sustainability in terms of environmental impact and normative impact The paper is concluded with the concept that organisation sustainability as a capability with two aspects: The first one being the association's capacity to adjust to ecological difficulties, while keeping up its own fundamental identity. The second is the capacity to interface with nature in a manner that it doesn't exploit the normal and anthro-capital past levels needed by people (and their future generations) for their prosperity. Sustainability encompasses both KM and CSR. On the other hand in order to attain sustainability there should be balance between both internal and external environments. RESEARCH

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