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The history of the computer mouse started in the 1960s when Dr. Douglas C. Engelbart and his acquaintances at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) developed the innovative computerized pointing device, which is broadly recognized as being the first mouse. That computer mouse and Engelbart’s imaginative idea of human communication among people and the computer launched the industry that has placed hundreds of millions of pointing devices on desktops. By the same token; as soon as Microsoft Windows 3.1 developed the GUI (Graphical User Interface), the mouse started to be a dependable part of the computer. Even in the present day a computer user will instantly grab for the mouse; never even giving a second thought to the object they are grasping in their hand. What's more, the average computer user would perhaps even describe a computer mouse as the object that control things on a computer screen. On the other hand, to an experienced computer gamer; a computer mouse converts into the significant element to winning.
Statistics would certainly show that the use of a computer would indeed start with some form of an input device. In unit one of the textbook; Introduction to Computer Science, the computer mouse is categorized as being an input hardware device; which is “devices that translate data into a form the computer can process) (McGraw-Hill P257).” Correspondingly, “The two principal input devices are the keyboard ($10-$400) and the mouse ($5-$400) (McGraw-Hill P30).” Most mice today would be classified as being optical mice because they tend to use light beams and distinctive chips to translate information intended for the computer. Any individual could identify an optical mouse because it does not have moving parts, it would ...

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...put purpose; yet there are a lot of devices to choose from. There are popular brands like Logitech, SteelSeries, and Roccat, and even some unknown brands such as the Ozone and CM Storm. A computer gamers should decide upon a comfortable mouse that fits their hand size; yet, it should also benefit them with enhanced control and improved reaction time. So if you’re still dealing with the same unchanged crusty old mouse from half a decade ago or if you’ve never even considered making the change to an appropriate gaming mouse; you owe it to yourself to discover what’s on the market right now.

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