The Superiority of Year-round Schooling

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The year-round school calendar typically includes the same amount of instruction days as a traditional school calendar but it breaks the instruction and vacation time into shorter blocks. The most common year-round calendar is the 60/20 calendar which consists of 60 instruction days followed by 20 vacation days. ("Year-Round Education Program Guide.") School calendars vary from state to state because the setting of the school calendar is a right of the state due to the tenth amendment which states that the powers that are not delegated to the U.S. federal government are the State’s powers. So, since there is no direct reference to education in the Constitution, education is the State’s power. (Webb 282) The year-round school calendar is superior to the traditional school calendar because it causes greater satisfaction with the school, combats overcrowding and leads to relatively higher test scores.
A year-round calendar may also be a single-track or multitrack system. A single-track system refers to when all of the students or staff is at school or on vacation at the same time while a multitrack system is when the students and staff are divided into tracks so that several tracks may be at school while one track is on vacation. Multitrack year-round schools are created in order to combat overcrowding issues in schools because at any given time one track is on vacation. (McMillen) For example, in a multitrack school with four tracks, if one track is on vacation then a quarter of the students are not at the school which will ease the strain on the staff because smaller classrooms can be formed. Modified calendars are popular in school districts that have a great need for additional schools and classrooms. (Cooper) This is due to ...

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