The Superiority of One Race in the United States

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During the up-rise of the United States formulation of the ideology of race superiority and inferiority came into play. As immigrants and other foreign people were making their way into the United states which created an uproar in American society. The reconstruction of Americans to allow the immigrants and foreigners was believed to create a more efficient and effective way for America to become a world power but it also instilled fear of losing basis of American culture. For Americans, it became a crucial turning point for them to dominant against other races by further justifying themselves as the superior race with foreign market affairs, scientific reasoning, whiteness as social category and the backwardness of foreigners and immigrants not only redefined whiteness as a social category but republicanism as political hierarchy. From the beginning of American history, the superiority of one race such as the whites how found many different ways to degrade other ethnic groups such as the blacks, Latin Americans, Asians and other minority groups. In order to strive to become a world power America seized the opportunity to racialize immigrants and foreign people in order to make themselves superior than the other races. It was important for America to demonize other foreigners in order to remain on top of the hierarchical standing. This hierarchical system allows America has control over foreign groups of people so it can maintain consistent domination amongst those people. Americans were instilled with fear of Anglo-Saxon anxiety that would change the “American culture” and believed that other cultures were not best suited for America. The use of word “melting pot” first came into play when Americans saw that foreigners were inc... ... middle of paper ... ...s, scientific reasoning, whiteness as a social construction and political ideas. A plethora of changes during the eighteenth and nineteenth century the United States was able to dominate globally and place foreigners and immigrants as inferior. The blurred lines between Westerners and the immigrants prevailed the hierarchical standing of the United States in order to control foreign markets. Westerner’s were able to justify their superiority amongst the foreigners through Mendel and Darwin’s scientific theories further prove foreigners as barbarians and savages. As race was redefined a social category, whiteness held a hierarchical standing comparatively to foreigners and the backwardness of political views made them inferior. Racialization shaped the United States worldviews through aspects of Anglo-Saxon way, scientific, social construction, and political views.
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