The Super Bowl: The Common Characteristics Of The American Dream

Americans have qualities destined for success and growth. The people of this great country show characteristics such as hard work, imagination, and independence. America, considered a melting pot, has a diverse amount of culture and different life experiences for everyone. However, Americans all have common characteristics like the three listed above. Companies creating commercials realize this, modeling their commercials under these traits in the hopes of attracting more viewers. The Super Bowl, known for fantastic commercials, have multiple examples. Companies such as Toyota, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola used this same idea of thinking during the 2018 Super Bowl. The United States helps change the lives of countless individuals. Yet, this country would struggle without the characteristics of hard work, imagination, and independence ingrained in the American people.…show more content…
Many Americans chase their personal aspirations daily. Hard work, a very important quality for success, helps the goal become achievable. This quality makes America great. So great, in fact, that commercials use this quality in the hopes of grabbing the attention of viewers. The Toyota commercial in this years Super Bowl used this tactic. The commercial starred Lauren Woolstencroft, an 8x paralympic gold medalist. The advertisement starts by showing Woolstencroft as a baby, and showing her odds to win a gold medal. As time goes on and she starts to grow up and work hard, her odds for winning become better. At the end of the commercial, her odds finally reach 1 in 1 as she did win a gold medal (Toyota, 2018.) Woolstencroft represents the perfect example of what can happen through hard work, and what it means to be an

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