The Sun Queen

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Crash! The flaming looking-glass mirror of The Sun Queen descended above the city-square of Madrid, smashing it into millions of tiny pieces that flew into the eyes and chests of a few occupants that lived down the block. These fragments weren't of any ordinary mirror, as one might expect; the mirror contained the wishes and dreams of the goblins that lived in the sky, and one infected by these horrible traces would bring the evil in himself to life.

Nothing more exciting to Kai and Marcus on a humid, sticky Saturday afternoon was to visit the Royal Palace of Madrid, blocks away from where they lived, what was a private playground of the King's children of the same age. Of course, Kai and Marcus had completed their chores around the sunbathed brick terrace (in which they dreadfully loathed), and were ready to go, until Grandfather, their rigid elder and a master storyteller who took the twins in his own care after their parents disappeared 7 years before, called them to the garden, slipping his book of fairy tales from the bookshelf outside. This time, he had been saving the story of The Snow Queen for weeks; it was Marcus' favorite tale.

"Now, let's see here," Grandfather started, seeing the cheerful faces of Kai and Marcus. “How about The Snow Queen?"

Both clapped and cheered with delight. They loved to hear of the heroic adventures of Gerda, racing to the ice palace of The Snow Queen to free Kay, her best friend, but it wouldn't be known that something like the story would also befall them.

Once Gerda had arrived at the palace on horseback, the sound of a monstrous crash filled the garden at the strike of six of the nearby bell tower, and Marcus flinched with pain, falling backwards. Shattered bits of mirror flew acr...

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... as ever, galloping through the woods that seemed to almost never end. Food and amenities were still in good terms, and running water to drink and bathe became easier to find as they moved away from the Pyrenees. In just a few days, Kai and Marcus arrived back in Madrid, greeted with a small celebration consisting of a large banquet, hosted by the King of Spain and Grandfather, in great joy and comfort that peace was restored down the block.

On a humid Sunday evening that week, Grandfather called the children outside again for storytelling. He slipped his book of fairy tales into his hand from the bookshelves.

"I haven't finished The Snow Queen yet. Anyone want to guess what happens at the end?" He thoughtfully asked the children.

Kai and Marcus clapped and cheered for the continuation of the story. They knew what happened in the end; it happened to them.
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