The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway

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The title of a novel can be one of the most powerful aspects of a book. For instance, when a reader reads the title The Sun Also Rises, written by Ernest Hemingway, the reader is able to understand that the title of the novel is connected directly to the message that the author is attempting to convey. The title later brings forth much more significance towards the very end of the novel when the reader pauses and contemplates Hemingway’s motives. The title The Sun Also Rises has the ability to stimulate deep thought within a reader, thus forcing the reader to grasp a higher level of thinking in order to understand the true meaning of the book.
In The Sun Also Rises, the title does not hint at a possible plot that will unfurl, but more so carries a lesson of optimism that should be applied to anyone’s everyday life, especially when struck with misfortune. Hemingway refers to a verse from Ecclesiastes for his title. The verse tells of despair and struggling times, yet a hint of hope remains. Hemingway comes from a period in which society seems to have lost all sense of direction in life and would much rather indulge in their sins as opposed to the never ending labor that brings forth insignificant profit. Hemingway has embedded an optimistic aura into the title that is seen throughout the story, hidden within the actions and words of each character.
Hemingway tells a story in which Jake Barnes, the main character, views his social circle as it reacts to being bombarded with life’s struggles. Jake witnesses every one of his acquaintances as they go through the cycles of life. What Jake does not realize is that he, too, is undergoing psychological development. Much like the natural cycle of the sun, these characters have hi...

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...anticizes towards Jake, but instead of falling for Brett once again, he is able to resist his ancient love and is satisfied with the realization of his complex emotion.
Robert Cohn, Jake Barnes, and Lady Brett Ashley all lived extravagant lives, often leading them to rejection and regret. Hemingway has placed these characters in a world in which human emotions are constantly in motion, never is emotion at an all-time low or at an unrecorded high but constantly moving in between the two. The title The Sun Also Rises allows the reader to understand the mental state of the characters involved and gives a moral to the overall story. A gloomy day seems unending, but once the sun begins to dawn; a new day has begun that is filled with new trials and an endless amount of possibilities.

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