The Sun Also Rises

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In The Sun Also Rises by Earnest Hemingway, setting has one of the most important roles in telling the story. The setting of a story is one of the most crucial things when you are reading and it allows you to imagine the environment in which characters are placed. It creates a tone and an attitude for the story which changes the way the reader feels as they continue to read. Normally setting is used only to describe where and when a story takes place but it can be used in many other ways too. It can be used to create suspense, foreshadow events to come and to develop characters. Earnest Hemingway foreshadows the plot and symbolizes the characters of The Sun Also Rises by making the setting parallel to the attitude of the events that are either happening or going to happen.
Hemingway starts the story in 1924 Paris which is where many American writers went after World War I. Jake along with his friends are those American writers who moved to France and write their stories which they then send back to be published. Around the world Paris is considered a romantic and lively place full of interesting people but most of the characters would disagree. Jake brings one of his French friends to a club with him where an American asks her what she thinks of Paris and she replies, “I don’t like Paris. It’s expensive and dirty.” (Hemingway 26) Although this description is about the city it is often shown in the residents too. “One of them saw Georgette and said: ‘I do declare. There is an actual harlot. I’m going to dance with her, Lett. You watch me.’” (Hemingway 28) The setting is being described and yet along with it so are some of the characters.
Eventually Jake and his friend Bill get away from everyone else and go to an island that is...

... middle of paper ... in the story drinks a large amount of alcohol but Brett and Jake keep each other from getting drunk so that they can deal with their problems together and this is why they are nice together.
The setting of a story is only meant to be a way of informing you of time of location and yet Hemingway is able to do so much more with it. He is able to transform a literary element into a work of art as it gently glides you right into the next part of the story. He uses the setting and more importantly weather to show you what is going to happen next and how it is going to happen even if you do not want it to. The setting is not too descriptive as to make you an unimaginative copy but it has just enough detail as to get you started on the right trail of thought. Earnest Hemingway was able to tell the story of how The Sun Also Rises before you even finish reading the book.

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