The Successes of Progressive Era Reformers

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The Successes of Progressive Era Reformers
The Progressive movement was very influential in many ways to early twentieth century America. Businesses became safer, and much more respectful towards their employees. Society accepted moral changes, and became safer communities. The government was affected by the Progressive movement becoming much more democratic, and caring more for the needs of its people. The Progressive movement was successful in reforming American business, society and its government policies in many different instances.
The Progressive movement was based mainly on the improvement of human nature and businesses were treating many workers badly. Many muckrakers worked to end the terrible conditions that many workers were going through at the time. These muckrakers also exposed how dangerous it was to work in a factory and how child labor was used ( Attacking this, many muckrakers used the power of journalism to document and expose the terrible working conditions at the time ( Numerous businesses at the time exploited labor and the fact that the government barely regulated the markets, angering Progressive reformers ( In some cases, businesses would create monopolies or even trusts to eliminate competition. However progressive reformers were successful in passing the Clayton Anti-Trust Act along with the Federal Trade Commission Act (Gongol). These acts allowed for stricter government regulation of business practices, and set rules on international trade and proper, legal business practices (Gongol). The rise in both industrialization and cheap labor helped to create powerful companies, of which then formed trusts together to eliminate competition. (eagl...

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