The Success of Starbucks

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When people think coffee shop, the first name that pops into their head is usually Starbucks. Pike Place Market, located in downtown Seattle, is home to the first Starbucks. The doors to this coffee house were opened in 1971 by three graduates of the University of San Francisco. The establishment was later bought by Howard Schultz in 1987. His vision was to bring an Italian like coffee house to the United States. There are now currently more than 18,000 Starbucks stores, in over 62 countries. The average price for a specialty coffee is five dollars a cup, most would say this is an outrageous price to pay, yet millions of people pay the price daily. There are many factors to why this business became so successful despite its high prices.
Location being one of those factors. Starting from a small coffee shop in downtown Seattle, there are now currently numerous Starbucks locations in every major city. Airports, shopping malls, and Target stores often have Starbucks located within. The company has now expanded to Africa, South America, Asia, Europe, North America, Central America,Caribbean, and many more countries across the globe. The more locations they have, the more people see there iconic logo, and swarm in for the morning cup of joe.
Starbucks is not just pouring up any regular cup of coffee. They purchase and roast only high quality coffee beans hand picked from Latin America, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. Starbucks just this year purchased its own coffee farm, thus allowing them to experiment and in the future produce new bold flavors of coffee. Over the years the company has found ways to become Eco-Friendly. They have recycling units in their stores. They also produce numerous styles of coffee tumblers for sale, in hopes ...

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... pantry at Jefferson Edison Elementary School, in Davenport, Iowa on November 23, 2013. Many people do not realize that Starbucks company is involved in their community.
The once small coffee house in Seattle, Washington has now turned into the most prominent coffee company in the world. Some people would say a trip to Starbucks is a treat, others it has become a daily ritual. It was able to grow into such a successful company because of the experience they made for each customer that walked through their doors. Offering a variety of high quality coffees to people all over the world and giving them the home away from home atmosphere. By staying true to their company mission statement, “To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time”, they were able to stand out more then any other company, and ultimately reach success.

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