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Smash on NBC has made a substantial impact on NBC as a network as well as its competing shows. Throughout its run this season, it has already done better than its predecessors in the time slot as well as beat its competitors. Based on how Smash has done and the factors affecting its success, Smash should be picked up for a second season. The factors that play into this are: the ratings for the past few weeks, the overall network rating, its scheduling compared to other shows, its marketing and target audience as well as the production of the show. Smash hopes to get NBC back on the map and back to its previous status.

Smash has proved recently through ratings that it deserves to be ordered for a second season. The premiere of Smash on February 5th occurred right after the 2012 Super Bowl. Smash earned 11.5 million viewers at a 3.8 rating for the Super Bowl Sunday slot (O’Connell, 2012). During the Broadcast, the number of viewers dipped to a 3.4 with 10.27 million viewers at the halfway point during the hour of Smash ("TV ratings: Huge," 2012). The second season of The Voice, a reality lead-in for Smash, drew in 30 million viewers after its debut following the 2012 Super Bowl on NBC (Hinckley, 2012). The show retained about a 54% of The Voice’s lead in audience (Collins, 2012). On February 14th2012, The Voice scored a 5.9 rating among adults 18-49 during its 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. slot on NBC. This audience served as a lead in to Smash’s later audience at ten pm where the show scored a 2.8 in the 18-49 demographic. This was a 1.0 ratings loss from the week before. However, compared to its timeslot competition on the other big networks Smash had the most viewers. CBS’s ten pm show, Hawaii Five-O managed second place with a 2.6 ratin...

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In this essay, the author

  • Opines that smash should be picked up for a second season based on its success and the factors that play into this.
  • Explains that smash earned 11.5 million viewers at a 3.8 rating for the super bowl sunday slot. the second season of the voice drew in 30 million people.
  • Analyzes how smash's marketing and advertising helped the show gain $155,000 per thirty second ads in its upfront sales. smash has been advertising for the pilot episode in every way possible.
  • Opines that smash has boosted nbc, helped them with their network image, and captured the audience that it was going after.
  • Analyzes how smash and the voice have boosted nbc's ratings by three tenths of a point — they're working toward reestablishing the quality network.
  • Analyzes how'smash' strikes a chord with viewers.
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