The Success of Blood Brothers on Stage

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The Success of Blood Brothers on Stage Blood Brothers has been very successful on stage - write about some of

the elements in the play that you think may have made the play so


The musical blood brothers, written by Willy Russell, is a very

popular and demanding play of the modern ages. It was written in the

1960's and reflects upon the social and moral issues that were faced

by the families at the time.

The play is set in the 1960's Liverpoolstreets. Liverpool was one of

the roughest and poorest areas in the UK. The people had to live

through poverty and hardship. Most of the men had lost their jobs and

were running on the money they had got from the dole every week.

Teenagers from the lower class of families had to leave school and

start working at the age of 15, so that they could help support the

family and themselves.

The musical reflects the periods of time when the poor working class

and the wealthier middle class were living side by side in the

Liverpool suburbs. Willy Russell makes strong political points through

the play. He is very critical about the families that lived in the

1960's Liverpool. Through the play he tries to convey the point that,

all problem faced by people lies outside in the society and community.

The musical has been running since 1983. It started of it production

in the Lyric theatre London. Since then it has been running

successfully through out the ...

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... him alone!

Sammy: Why?What'll you do about it if we don't?

Linda:I'll tell my mother why all her ciggies always disappear when

you're in our house.

His character is very important as it is what leads Mickey to fall

apart mentally as he provokes him to help him with the robbery.

In conclusion the different elements in the play, the characters the

setting the story line all have made the play a popular piece amongst

the audience and will continue to do so. Each time convincing people

that it is not oneself or their families that causes the downfalls in

life's but society itself, with its moral rights and wrongs. It will

make the provoke the people to rethink about where their problems have

risen from. This essence of the play will keep it going and will

ensure that the play is successful throughout the ages.

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