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The One and Only
The game of basketball has always been changing. Players go in and out of the NBA every season, adding their own style and achievements. However, no one has ever had greater accomplishments than Michael Jordan. He was destined to be an all-star his whole life and performed that way throughout his career despite many hardships. Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players of all time.
Michael Jeffrey Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York, on February 17, 1963. He has two brothers, James Jr. and Larry, and two sisters, Deloris and Roslyn. He moved with his siblings and parents, James Sr. and Deloris, to Wilmington, North Carolina before he was one year old. He always loved to play sports as a boy. Although he played football and basketball as well, Jordan’s passion as a child was baseball. As a little league pitcher, he threw several no-hitters and led his team to as close as one game away from the Little League World Series. He was eventually named “Mr. Baseball” in his age group in 1975 by the Dixie Youth Baseball Association. Jordan’s talents continued to flourish as he transitioned into Laney High School in Wilmington. For one stretch, he had a 42-inning scoreless streak, a school record. Despite his outstanding achievements in baseball, he became extremely driven to excel as a basketball player. This was due to his older brother, Larry, who beat him in a game. It seemed like a very simple reason, but it’s all he needed to become the best he could be.
As a 5’ 9’’ sophomore at Laney High, Jordan tried out for the varsity basketball team. However, he was not good enough to make the team and was passed over for another sophomore, 6’ 8’’ Leroy Smith. Jordan was heartbroken and quoted:
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...sted a year and a half. He took a short break in 2004 when he lent his name to a motorcycle racing team in order to create Michael Jordan Motorsports. However, he returned to the NBA in 2006 when he became part-owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. In March of 2010, he bought the team from majority owner Robert Johnson which gave him full ownership. He is still the owner to this day.
It may be opinion, but Michael Jordan is considered the best player to ever play basketball. His career stats and six NBA championships put him much farther ahead in the record books than anyone else. He is a true inspiration to every basketball player across the globe and is an icon in the fashion and sports worlds. The entire game of basketball was revolutionized during his career as well. Michael Jordan’s stats and achievements prove he is one of the greatest players in basketball history.
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