The Success Of Hayao Miyazaki

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Hayao Miyazaki is regarded as the “god of anime” due to his huge success in Japanese filmmaking. Miyazaki was born in Tokyo Japan on January 5, 1941 and started his career as an animator in 1963. Not only is Miyazaki a well known animator and film director, he is also a famous manga artist. The success of his first film Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind led to him establishing a new studio which he named Studio Ghibli, at where he would create many more successful films that people would come to love. People often refer to Miyazaki as the “Walt Disney of Japan” because of how well renowned he his and how successful his films were. Miyazaki made a huge impact on the film industry with the way his films inspired people through the beautiful…show more content…
Many of Miyazaki great films were made at Studio Ghibli and they were all huge box-office hits. One of his most famous children films, My Neighbor Totoro, was released in 1988 and involved a story about two children and their father who recently moved into a new house surrounded by a forest. Eventually one of the children named May chases two strange cat-like creatures into the forest where she finds another cat-like creature only this one is significantly larger in size compared to the other two. When she finds this creature, she communicates with it and when she does she finds out the creature 's name is Totoro. The forest in the movie is a depiction of the forest Miyazaki discovered in Ustunomiya City when he lived there. The huge success of this film sparked an environmentalist movement in Japan. Another hugely successful film that was produced shortly after was Kiki 's Delivery Service which was a story about a witch named Kiki who leaves home and settles down in a small area by the ocean where she lives her life as a delivery girl. She rides around on her flying broomstick with her black cat Jiji who accompanies her when she makes deliveries for people. The next film Miyazaki produced he received harsh criticism for, however when it was released in 1997 it was one of the most successful films that he would ever…show more content…
Miyazaki thought that he would leave Studio Ghibli in 1998 because his eyesight was failing him and he could not guarantee his fans that he would be able to make films to the same quality as he had made before, however he made an astonishing recovery and returned to Studio Ghibli in 1999 and created two new films. The first was titled The Cat Returns released in 2002, which involved a high school girl named Haru who saves a cat from being hit by a bus. It is later revealed that the cat is actually a prince named Lune. Lune 's father asks Haru to marry Lune and she is brought to a cat kingdom. When shes realizes that she can not leave she receives help from two statues to help her escape. The second film after The Cat Returns was Lord Howl 's Castle or Howl 's Moving Castle as it was titled when released in the U.S. This story is about a young girl named Sophie who works in a hat shop and one day stumbles upon a mysterious stranger named Howl. Soon after the two meet up and spend some time together Sophie returns back to her hat shop where she becomes cursed by a jealous witch. Sophie becomes old and decrepit and she is forced to flee from her shop where she ends up at Howl 's magic moving castle. Miyazaki has created a number of hugely successful animated films that will never be forgotten and hopefully people in the future

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