The Success Of A Million Dollar Wholesale Area

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Reach for the Stars…..Then Get There. “I want to build a million-dollar wholesale area. I want to have a million dollars in profit from wholesale deals. I want to build a million-dollar wholesale area.” The dream was firmly established in my mind as I looked into the mirror, but that’s all it was—a dream. It was a nebulous goal that I didn’t really believe was attainable, if I was to be honest. That was three years ago. Three years later, my goals have changed. Now, I sit at the head of the table at a company buying and selling across four states; a company that has surpassed that million dollar goal this year alone. My goals now are even bigger and more unattainable, but that’s where I like them. Bigger than I think I can do, just big enough to make me grow. I learned long ago that few things worth doing are easy, but hard work alone was not getting me where I needed to be. I needed a plan. Looking into the mirror wasn’t going to do it for me anymore. I had to figure things out. We all have goals, we all have dreams. January 1st is coming up, and with it comes a list a mile long of things that will be different in the upcoming twelve months. For some, it’s losing weight. For others, it’s building a relationship. Financial goals, health goals, personal goals, this seems to be a time of the year for introspection and good intention, and yet so few of those dreams are reached. The first step to achieving your goal is to look inward. Figure out the where. Where am I in relation to my goal? If I have a weight loss goal, how much do I weigh now? If I have a financial goal, what do I want to have saved? As a Christian, I love the verse that reads, “And ye shall know the truth, and the tr... ... middle of paper ... ... step in achieving your goals. Many times you will find that once you see something written out, it becomes a lot simpler. My math teacher used to always say “if you can draw it, you can do it.” If you can establish the steps you must take to get where you want to be, achieving your goal becomes a stroll in the park. Finally, once you establish where you are, once you figure out what you want to achieve, once you determine why you want to get there, once you lay out how you will get there, the last step is the when. Start right away. Goals will not be achieved if you are always planning to accomplish them down the road. What can you do today to make yourself better? Don’t let a day pass when you don’t take a step towards your dreams. As Ben Franklin said, “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Start somewhere…today. Reach for the stars. Then get there.

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