The Substance Of Substance Abuse

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The term substance abuse is defined as the overindulgence in, or dependence on an addictive substance. Technically substance abuse can be related to any type of substance, it is most commonly used in reference to drugs or alcohol. Another word that could describe substance abuse is the word addicted which means being physically or mentally dependent on a particular substance. The substances that usually fall under the category of being addictive are cannabis like marijuana, opiates such as heroin, and benzodiazepines such as Xanax, MDMA’s such as ecstasy and the new club drug molly, and alcohol. Most of the time substance abuse involves a person’s decision to take a specific drug or alcohol although other factors can come into play. A few of these other factors include a mother using drugs during pregnancy, which can lead to the baby being born addicted to the drug or drugs the mother used. Another factor that can lead to the abuse of a substance would be a person injuring parts of their body, such as their back and being prescribed a narcotic pain reliever. Narcotics are a medicine that taken in moderate doses dull the senses and relieves pain. When the narcotic is taken over long periods of time it can lead to the person becoming dependent on them. There are many indications that could tell if you or someone you know is having issues with substance abuse. Some of theses signs include, but are not limited to if the person is taking more of the substance than they used to take just to get the same feeling they got when they took the substance in a smaller amount. If the certain substance is all they think or talk about or want to do could be a good indicator that they are addicted. A few physical signs of someone being drug depe... ... middle of paper ... ... They also should not be afraid of confronting a child or family member if they suspect that the person is addicted. One of the most important things for an addict is for family intervention. It gives the addict support to stop the drug and go seek treatment. It may be hard for all members of the family especially the addict to admit that there is a problem but once that is acknowledged it makes getting treatment little easier and less stressful on everyone. I also feel that education on substance abuse is important and it should be taught at a younger age to hopefully deter kids from picking up a cigarette or bottle of alcohol because they think it is a cool thing to do. It should start with parents. I feel parents should not smoke anything in front of their children or drink because usually if the child sees the parent doing they will probably think it is ok to do.

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