The Study of Women across Cultures

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In our study of women across cultures, and women empowerment it is imperative to include not just heterosexual women but lesbian and bisexual women as well, due to the fact that it integrates a sense of multiculturalism that inputs and values multiple perspectives of women experiences. In the fight for women’s equality heterosexual feminists have often overlooked lesbian and bisexual women, because of the negative connotations that have emerged, that deem all feminists lesbians, and haters of men. This is also frequent due to the fact that homophobia and heterosexism are often used to combat feminism, causing heterosexual women to resent the association of lesbians with feminists. In the specific context of the United States, lesbian feminism has created a foundation for women who like other women, to take a powerful stand and contend against patriarchal traditions. From the workplace, to marketplace, lesbians and bisexual women face daily discrimination and unacceptance, due to the incomprehensibility of people to understand and tolerate their specific way of life. In the paper I plan to discuss, the origins of lesbian movements in the United States. Secondly, talk about the oppositions towards lesbians and feminists to live non-heterosexual lives, due to factors such as compulsory heterosexuality, and heteropatriarchy. Third, I will entail the consequences of society’s perversion towards lesbian and bisexual women, forcing them to hide, known a lesbian and bisexual invisibility. Lastly I will touch upon the responses lesbians in America have disclosed as a means to normalize lesbianism and reduce its negative stereotypes, as well as mention grass root organizations that have been created to fight against the inequality present i...

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...e need for women’s dependence on men. Unfortunately, compulsory heterosexuality is reinforced daily through multiple social institutions including, religion, literature, and politics. Compulsory heterosexuality has contributed to the confinement of women in lower paying jobs than men due to the sexual marketability required of women to be heterosexual feminine woman. The pressure to be heterosexual in the workforce then and in present day America stretches out to society turning women into sexual pray feeding the dominance of men especially in the workforce. This reality has caused a disturbance within the feminist movement for it continues to disempower not allowing for the growth of sexualities like lesbianism. By disregarding other sexual orientations, society is inhibiting the prosperity of people especially women who are still fighting the battles for equality.
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