The Study of Public Administration

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Professionalism is important to understand in the study of public administration. Professionalism is a concept that describes certain types of public agencies as well as the individuals that work for these organizations. Changes in the way that these individuals are regarded may impact the way in which these administrators function. The concept of professionalism means that workers are specially trained in their field. These workers are required to possess a high level of technical expertise. In these types of organizations authority is not based on rank as much as it is based on professional norms and standards. For the purposes of this paper, we will focus on professionalism as it pertains to education. Specifically, we will center on teachers. Legislative changes in regards to compensation can greatly change the way that professionals in public agencies carry out their positions.
In Canada, teachers are currently paid based on their level of education in combination with their years of experience. For example a teacher with a master’s degree would make more than a teacher with only a bachelor’s degree. Likewise, a teacher that has been teaching for 20 years will make more than a teacher that is just starting. This system is referred to as the Single Salary Schedule (SSS). This system allows for a high level of job security. Under the SSS once teachers are hired, they have assurance that their salary will slowly, but steadily, increase as time moves forward. Only their education level and the time that they have served in their position influence teachers’ salary. Their salary is in no way affected by their job performance under the SSS. Unfortunately, some individuals do not believe that the SSS is the most effe...

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...e compensated for their time. They would have to focus more time on being likeable than on teaching as they were trained to do. The professionalism itself should be a good indicator that the teachers are performing at their best. It would be unfortunate if teachers that have spent many years training for their careers as well as many years teaching, were to receive poor evaluations and felt they were not being recognized and gave up on the cause. The fact that the teachers have spent time training for this highly specialized career should mean that they can be trusted in that they are performing their duties as they were trained to do so.

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