The Study of Genetics

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Genetics are the essence of life they are what make up you and your traits and everything about you. They are what connect you and your parents. You inherit all of your traits from each of your parents. They pass them to you from there chromosomes which have the genes on them. Genetics can be helpful in many ways such as in gene therapy you can know if your child will have genetic disorder and also in genetic engineering you can make it so plants are immune to diseases. The study of genetics is also important two of the most important scientist are, Gregor Mendel, the father of genetics and Walter Sutton who had the theory that traits were passes through chromosomes. The history and study of genetics is also very important. When you study genetics you also learn about the history. Alleles are the things inside a cell that determine an offspring’s traits. There are single genes which mean the trait is decided by only one pair of alleles from each of the offspring. There are also multiple alleles which mean there are three or more alleles in each of the genes that determine the traits. Gregor Mendel discovered alleles when he was studying pea plants he discovered that there are two types of alleles dominant and recessive. Dominant alleles can mask a recessive allele and have a phenotype that appears dominant but in actuality it is a heterozygous. A phenotype is a organisms physical appearance and an organisms genotype a phenotypes counterpart is the organisms genetic make up. He did this by using pea plants which are single gene organisms they are either tall or short and he used genetic crosses to determine the genotypes. When studying genetics you will also run by the name Walter Sutton who was a scientist who was studying grasshoppers when he discovered that organisms pass down genes to there offspring through chromosomes. There are many advantages and disadvantages of genetics. The advantages are that you can selectively breed, clone and use genetic engineering. When you selectively breed that means you are making sure that you get only the desired offspring with the desired traits. When you clone that means you make a completely identical copy of an organism. When you genetically engineer that means that you transfer one organisms genes to another organisms DNA this can improve crops, produce medicines and might even be able to help fix human genetic disorders.
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