The Struggles of Rosa Parks

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The Struggles of Rosa Parks

Many struggle throughout life to overcome burdening chaos. Rosa Parks was one of these many people. Rosa Parks overcame inequality by not letting racial judgment control what she did or how she thought, fighting for her rights, and living to tell and share her hardships for others to learn from.

When Parks was a young girl she picked upon many things. One of which were the actions of her grandfather. Rosa Park’s grandfather had very fair skin tone and was often mistaken for being white, although he strongly disliked white men since he was born a slave and had worked on plantations. So, her grandfather would use his fair skin to his advantage, and would call white men by their first name and would reach out and shake their hands which back then was a huge sign of disrespect because those actions proved that he and the white men were equal. By doing this Rosa’s grandfather could have been arrested and most likely killed, but her grandfather did not seem to care (Schraff 13). This shows that Rosa Park’s grandfather was sort of a role model for her. Him fooling the white men so they would treat him as an equal helped to put a mindset in Rosa that she too could be an equal if she persevered through all the racial inequality and judgment that she had yet to run into later on in her life.

When Rosa was older, and was a grown woman the times had changed. Blacks and whites were still not equals, but the start of segregation was just beginning. So, after Miss Parks

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had had a long day of work, and Christmas shopping she got on bus 2857(Fradin 19). Back in Miss Park’s day there were Jim Crow laws that applied to busses, which said that blacks had to sit in their designated area which was ...

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Rosa Parks made a huge difference in the U.S.A. that allowed many opportunities for people such as African-American sports players and President Obama and many more so that the country can continue to grow, and have more equal opportunities for everyone.

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1 April 2014

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