The Struggles of Change

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871 words

Throughout the countless pages of history, there exists many occurrences of change. Some of these changes are positive while others are negative. Nevertheless, as each change occurs, it must undergo struggles to become accepted. One example of the struggles of change that is seen in today’s society is the ongoing fight for religious freedom. Another change that is currently facing obstacles is the fight to change policies that raise the question of equality. Lastly, another struggle for change is the conflict that is occurring in order to make same-sex marriage legal. Through the examples of all these changes, there exists the common factor of changing values. As values change, new changes are undertaken. Therefore, changing values entail further change, but in order for these changes to be accepted, they must overcome obstacles.
A controversial bill, the ones who proposed it, and those who oppose it are the main pieces in one of the major changes that is taking place in today’s society. The topic of religious freedom has always been one filled with controversies. As one group tries to usher forth change, another group tries to hold onto the life they always knew. One such struggle is currently occurring in Quebec with the introduction of a very controversial bill. Parti Québécoise, Quebec’s minority government, has proposed a bill known as Bill 60. Bill 60 includes a ban on public-sector workers wearing religious attire, such as skullcaps of some Jewish man and the headscarf of some Muslim women. In this case, Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital, one of Quebec’s most prominent institutions, is a group that is in opposition to this change. According to the hospital, they refuse to take any part in the proposed religious dress code....

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that as each change occurs, it must undergo struggles to become accepted, such as the ongoing fight for religious freedom, the conflict to make same-sex marriage legal.
  • Analyzes how quebec's minority government, parti québécoise, has proposed a controversial bill known as bill 60, which bans public-sector workers from wearing religious attire.
  • Explains that the role of law and those who practice it is to protect the equality of everyone. however, when a change is proposed concerning it, challenges also accompany it.
  • Explains that virginia's ban on same-sex marriage was challenged in federal court on behalf of a couple who wanted to be recognized.
  • Concludes that as values change, other changes also occur, though not without facing challenges first.
  • Opines that pressure mounts on law societies to reject faith-based school graduates.
  • Analyzes eckholm's arguments in the federal challenge of virginia’s same-sex marriage ban.
  • Opines that montreal jewish hospital to defy quebec secular charter’s dress code.
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