The Struggle for the Holy Land and its Outcomes

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“Men of God are not just born, they are formed” ( John Paul Warren). The Crusaders who fought in the name of God in the Middle Ages believed, if they fight they will be granted a place in heaven. The Crusades were a traumatizing event for all groups involved, with long lasting impacts on the world - both negative and positive. It brought about a positive cultural exchange between Europe and the Middle Eastern communities , as well as numerous negative impacts between Christianity and Islam that have continued to this day. The Turks threatened overtaking the Byzantine Empire. As an impact the loyalty to the Church raised, as a result, religious tolerance decreased. Throughout Europe, the entire Jewish communities were destroyed.

Crusades, the years, nobody ever imagined they will ever see one of the biggest heart burning events that took place in world history, the wars that took their beloved-ones always in the name of god, when all Christians fought together as one force in a plan of taking over the holy land of Jerusalem. The Byzantine Empire 1453 was one of the biggest and the strongest empires of Christianity, but Emperor Alexius Comnenus was incredibly frightened form from the Muslim Turks. He had an empire filled with soldiers and weapons, but he was scared that the Turks might overrun his whole empire because He got a new Intel from his spies that were recording the movement of the Turks. The Turks were closing in on the empire. In those stressful days the Emperor sends out a distress message to Pope Urban II in Rome, seeking for military aid from Western Europe, so that he can defeat the Turks. In 1095 Pope Urban II, consider the appalled of the Byzantine in the council that sat in the Church of Placentia but unfortunat...

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...nowledge about the world, becoming allies with the Muslims, joining together and helping each other, this would had been a different world.

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