The Struggle for Education

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Having a good education plays a serious part in our life. Not only does it help us get a good job, it also helps us build our knowledge and prepare us for a success future. However, not everyone is fortunate to get college education. People who do have a good education face another problem, which is preparing their academic literacy for college. When moving to college, everyone’s academic literacy is different. However in today’s society, people’s academic literacy does not meet the expectation of college. Rebecca D. Cox states in her article, “The College Fear Factor,” that students struggle in college based on their past experience in kindergarten to twelve grade. When moving to college, students do not understand what their college professor are demanding of them. Students are not put up to speed on how to analyze and interpret text in college. In the article, “The Politics of Remediation”, Mike Rose delivers his experience as a counselor and how five students are struggling in the University of California, Los Angles. Each of the five students have their own problem in college and they relate their problem they have now with the experience in high school. Both articles involve high school affecting students in college, and both agree it’s not the students fault for their academic literacy. Students are not up to speed in understanding the academic literacy skills required in the University system. High school, for some students, did not prepare them for this and the students are not aware of it. Academic literacy is developed differently from all types of school and in my high school, it lacked the experience to help students prepare us for the academic literacy in college.
Moreover, High schools do not prepare students for...

... middle of paper ... to be if the academic literacy in high school did not prepare them for college. Coming straight out of high school to college is challenging. No one knows what to expect from the college. In college, everything is different. The knowledge one had in high school will be twisted to make one understand the topic to the fullest extent. High school might not have taught one anything, but that will change once arriving at college. It might be hard at first, and it still might be difficult in the end, but there are resources such tutoring and office hours that will help one succeed in college. Take advantage of those resources like the 5 students in Rose’s article. Even though mistakes happen, it can be fixed the next time one attempts it again because everyone learns from their mistake. No one is a failure as long as the person does their very best to be successful.
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